Compulsory Purchase


With the large increase in national infrastructure schemes over the last decade, including new road, rail and cabling infrastructure there is an obvious requirement for the compulsory acquisitions of lands. Compulsory purchase powers are utilised by statutory bodies to acquire land and property for the provision of services (roads, pipelines, etc.) for the common good of all the people. At McFeely Chartered Surveyors we have a wealth of experience in dealing with claims on behalf of affected parties and would be pleased to discuss your entitlements.

The process for assessing CPO compensation is assessed under statutory rules which requires specialist advice to maximise a claim.At Mc Feely Chartered Surveyors we will carefully guide you through the maze of regulations and case law and negotiate the best compensation on your behalf.


Our services include:

  • Negotiating & submission of claims
  • Representation at Public Inquiry Stage
  • Critical analysis of Notice to Treat
  • Attendance/Representation at Arbitration/Court proceedings.


    Please click on the following link for a step by step guide to the Compulsory Purchase Order process. SCS GUIDE TO CPO.