Commercial Property Rates


Rates are a form of property tax levied by local authorities on the occupiers of commercial and industrial property. The local authorities raise rates on the basis of property valuations provided to them on request by the Valuation Office. The burden of rates is carried entirely by the commercial sector and is now a serious overhead in any business, such that any opportunity to make savings must be pursued.

Rates are based on the rental value of your property, fixed at the time of revaluation. Rates are calculated by multilpying the rental value of your property (based on comparable properties) by the ratebale valuation multiplier (set by your Local Authority) to give the amount of rates payable per annum.

At McFeely Surveyors we can assess if the valuation of your property is fair and wheather it is worth appealing. Appealing your property’s rateable valuation, can lead to significant savings.

For further information on the rating process, how it is calulated please follow this link.