Rent Reviews


If a landlord or tenant are unable to agree a revised rent between themselves they are usually represented by a Chartered Surveyor or Commercial Property Valuer with expertise in the area of rent review. Knowing ones full rights in this area should not be undermined, and can be extremely important in monetary terms. If you are a landlord wishing to maximise your rent at review or a tenant curtailing any rental increase to a minimum. At McFeely Chartered Surveyors we provide a comprehensive service for landlords and tenants in all areas of commercial property.


An insight into the complexity and diversity of our work involves: Familiarity with the code of measuring practice, gathering and analyzing comparable evidence which is of paramount importance and researching specialist reports indicating market trends, past results and economic factors. Experience of lease structures and their implications at rent review and relevant case law.


Some of our rent review & landlord and tenant services include:

  • Professional valuations and negotiation for Landlord & Tenant in Rent Reviews.
  • Rights to claim new tenancies and their terms.
  • Repairing clauses in lease contracts and Tenant/Landlord responsibilities. 
  • Assessment of disregard clauses for Goodwill and Improvements. 
  • Sub-lettings and assignments/ Rights and restrictions/ Rent Reviews. The importance of time in Landlord & Tenant situations. 
  • The effects of ground rents on leasehold interests.
  • Restriction on user clauses in Tenancy agreements.